Collection of the Congress Abstracts January 10th, 2012

Dear colleagues!
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Abstract Requirements
All abstracts must be submitted in English (and if possible in Russian as well). Each must not exceed one page, and be emailed to the Organizing Committee as a file attachment both to [email protected] and [email protected]. The "Re:" or "Subject:" field of the email message must contain "Bio-2013”, and the first Author's surname typed in the Roman characters
The Title of your attached file must consist of the surname of its Author (the Congress participant or the first author if the author(s) are not going to attend) typed in Roman characters, e.g. ivanov.doc

The Attached File must consist of two pages!
1. First page must contain
· Contact details (full name, position, scientific degree and rank, name of the employing institution, email address, phone and fax, post address for correspondence);
· Form of participation: oral presentation, poster presentation, or just publication;
· Section name
2. Second page must contain the text of the abstract in English
We would be grateful if you find an opportunity to attach page 3 containing the text of your abstract in Russian

Deadline for Submitting Abstracts: January 10th , 2013

Abstract Text Structure
- Heading (in bold lower-case)
- The Authors' names (with superscripts if the authors belong to different institutions) (in non-bold, non-italic lower-case). The name of the Speaker or Presenter must be underlined
- Name and post address of your Institution (in italic lower-case), left justified
- The abstract text, justified on both left and right sides
- Tables, charts, graphs, pictures, and references
- Sheet size: А4 (210 х 297);
- One and a half line spacing, 3cm margin all round
- Font: Тimes New Roman, 12 point
When emailing abstracts, please request notification of receipt

Until February 6, 2013, please request by email the confirmation that your abstracts submitted and paid for have been included in the Collection of Abstracts. You may also check this on the Congress web site. Please consider that the Organizing Committee of the Congress reserves the right to select the materials received

Articles’ Requirements are available on the Congress web site. The articles published by Nova Science Publishers Inc. (New York) will be presented in the Congress papers

Deadline for Submitting Articles: March 20, 2013

Attention! By the Congress starting date, the Organizing Committee will publish the abstracts and stage a wide-ranging advertising campaign. If you wish to place your advertising or information materials, please contact us by tel./fax +7 (495) 645-78-70,645-82-57, or send email to [email protected], [email protected]


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